wara saison 1 - vignette


( Season 1 )
After years of exile, Moutari Wara is allowed to return to his home country but on one condition: that he doesn't get involved in politics. But when the municipal elections are organised early, Aïcha, one of his law students, pushes him to get involved personally against corruption and cronyism.


Episode 1: The arrest

Tanasanga University, 2024. In the middle of a lecture, Professor Shugger is arrested by the police. Tensions develop between Moutari, leading law professor, Ganka, university chancellor and Aïcha, a brilliant student. At the same time, Aïcha is supporting the women at the wholesale market who face a major housing problem.

Directed by: Toumani Sangaré, Oumar Diack (France/Senegal/Niger, 2020)
Cast: Issaka Sawadogo (Moutari Wara), France Nancy Goulian (Aïcha Diallo), Souleymane Seye Ndiaye (Ganka Barry), Maïmouna Ndiaye (Mariam Shugger)
Episode 2: The accident

The Shugger scandal becomes increasingly acrimonious; Moutari, a lawyer, defends her. The students get together to actively support their professor and demand the financial help they lack. The situation also becomes increasingly heated amongst the young workers, who decide to launch a revolt after one of them suffers an accident.

Directed by: Toumani Sangaré, Oumar Diack (France/Senegal/Niger, 2020)