Vingt-et-un 21

( Season 1 )
Just as she's about to turn 21, Aleka looks back over recent events that turned her life upside-down: the death of her father and her mother's intrigues to get her hands on the inheritance... Soon to be adult, the young woman is determined to get behind the masks!

Directed by: Ray Reboul, Marina Niava (Côte d'Ivoire, 2017)
Cast: Fyfee Kariat (Aleka), Roger Pegard (Alexandre), Pélagie Béda (Céline), Tony Sant'Anna (Livane), Kané Mahoula (l'inspecteur Doumbia), Sié Gueth (Zayn-Samri), N'Dry Missa (Guyzo), Roland Roger Ayekoe (Major), Dinah Terrasson (Lucie)
Genre: comedy drama