Top Radio

( Season 1 )
Hired as an intern at Top Radio, the attractive Nénin soon finds herself heading the near-bankrupt company. When taking measures to save the situation, she encounters opposition from some of the team, keen to protect their illegal interests...

Directed by: Alex Ogou (Côte d'Ivoire, 2017)
Screenplay: Honoré Essoh
Cast: Tella Kpomahou (Nénin Gosso), Adama Dahico (Pierre Gnanbou, le directeur), Stéphane Zabavy (Ted), David Omega (Pablo), Joséphine Tagro (Thérèse), Marie-Ange M'Gbakou (Angie Star), Djah Toty (Doyen Seydou)
Genre: comedy drama