tandem saison 4 - vignette


( Season 4 )
After a Season 3 that saw Léa clash with the colonel and risk losing her job, when we catch up with her again she is still an inspector. A new colonel has been appointed to the brigade: Pierre Soler, Léa's father. But how to work alongside a man everyone admires!


Le jeune homme et la mer
Episode 9: The young man and the sea

The body of a kitesurfer is found on the beach. Killed by a blow to the head he'd then been pushed into the water with his kite. The victim is rapidly identified: Éric Delterme, kitesurf instructor, recently arrived, somewhat mysterious and far too free and easy with the safety rules...

Directed by: Corinne Bergas (season 4, France, 2019)
Screenplay: Denis Alamercery, Mathilde Arnaud
L'or blanc
Episode 10: White gold

Xavier Martel, wine-grower, has an attack whilst driving his car. Having recently the joined emergency services as a volunteer fireman, Thomas is first on the scene. The man whispers that he's been poisoned and dies in his arms.

Directed by: Corinne Bergas (season 4, France, 2019)
Screenplay: Alexandra Julhiet, Laurent Vignon
Episode 11: The abandoned village

The businessman Vincent Restier is killed in the office of the mayor to whom he was deputy. After twenty-five years' absence he had returned with a grand project for a leisure complex that would breathe new life into the village. Had someone wanted to stop his plans to become a reality?

Directed by: Lionel Chatton (season 4, France, 2019)
Screenplay: Denis Alamercery, Éloïse Tibet-Zanini
Episode 12: The woman with two faces

Antonin, one of Paul's best friends, calls him in the middle of the night: his wife has disappeared; he thinks she's going to throw herself off the bridge. Arriving at the said bridge, Paul sees her fall, powerless. A case that seems tragically banal. But was it really a suicide?

Directed by: Lionel Chatton (season 4, France, 2019)
Screenplay: Alexia de Oliveira Gomes