River hotel

River hôtel

( Season 1 )
Marco Mfalme, a wealthy Congolese businessman, is doing well in the luxury hotel sector. Meanwhile, police inspector Jeff is making enquiries. He suspects that Marco is using his buildings and hotels to launder money from diamond trafficking.

Directed by: Didier Ndenga (season 1, France/ Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2017)
Cast: Eriq Ebouaney (Marco Mfalme), Fally Ipupa (Henri Gonda), Habi Touré (Kelia Mfalme), Majid Michel (Rayan), Charlotte Dipanda (Laure), Alix Bénézech (Marion Besnard), Matthieu Beaudin (Lionel Rolin de Tartas), Esther Kamatari (Alika), Nadège Beausson-Diagne (Ena Johnson), Eebra Tooré (Jeff)
Genre: drama