Parents mode d'emploi

( Season 5 )
Magloire and Édith Koumba, a forty-something couple, do their best to be up to the task of being parents whilst juggling with their marital duties. A programme of disagreements, failures and shameful tactics to try to achieve their ends!

Directed by: Samantha Biffot (season 5, Gabon, 2019)
Cast: Omar Defunzu Onguengue (Magloire, the father), Aïsha Yamav (Édith, the mother), Jardelle Angue Ndong (Gladys), Ben Mabadi (Hippolyte), Chris Eyogho Ebang (Junior), Christiane Libina (Augustine), Ngokele Mpendi Caprais (Avino), Sarah Gueit Louanga Mikolo (Poupina)
Genre: comedy