Les pays d'en haut

( Season 6 )
An immersion in rural Quebec at the end of the 19th century set against a backdrop that shows all the challenges of colonising a faraway land, the connivances between Church and politicians and the harsh living conditions of the time.

Directed by: Yan England (season 6, Canada, 2021)
Screenplay: Gilles Desjardins, based on the works by Claude-Henri Grignon
Cast: Vincent Leclerc (Séraphin), Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse (Donalda), Maxime Le Flaguais (Alexis), Antoine Bertrand (Antoine Labelle), Rémi-Pierre Paquin (Bidou), Julie Le Breton (Délima), Marie-Éve Milot (Rosa-Rose), Roger Léger (Cyprien), Claude Despins (Jos), David La Haye (Caron)
Genre: drama