lâcher-prise - vignette

Lâcher prise

( Season 4 )
Simon and Valérie, pregnant, make their partnership official. An opportunity for them to discover their respective families-in-law, and the shared custody of the children. Éric and Kevin are busy organising their wedding, that promises more than a few surprises. At the same time, they start the process for assisted procreation.


Le point d'équilibre (2e partie)
Episode 13: A question of balance (part 2)

Éric wants to keep up appearances before their fabulous New York friends, who surprised them by coming to the baby's christening. Kevin confides in Madeleine, whose frank reply is anything but reassuring. Valérie looks back at the lessons she learned from her burn-out.

Directed by: Sébastien Gagné (season 4, Canada, 2019)
Screenplay: Isabelle Langlois