( Season 1 )
Not recommended for under 10 years.
Elsa and Laurent, happy parents of Lucie, have lived a perfect love affair for twenty years. Until one morning, Elsa disappears without trace. Laurent's world collapses when the police inform him that Elsa was in fact a very different person from the one she pretended to be.

Directed by: François Velle (France, 2022)
Screenplay by: Véronique Lecharpy, François Velle
Cast: Sara Mortensen (Elsa Lacaze), Gil Alma (Laurent Lacaze), Christopher Bayemi (Cédric Martineau), Hélène Seuzaret (Stéphanie Fournial), Samuel Labarthe (Bernard Duvack), Marie Mallia (Lucie Lacaze), Anne Loiret (Victoire Duvack)
Genre: thriller