Jeux d'influence, les combattantes

( Season 2 )
Guillaume Delpierre, now Minister of Agriculture, is trapped by the exercise of power. While a lobbyist will do anything to cover up a health scandal, the victims' mothers group together to deal with the drama that has touched them. Journalist Claire Lansel goes searching for the truth.

Director: Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (season 2, France, 2022)
Screenplay: Antoine Lacomblez, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, Séverine Werba
Cast: Alix Poisson (Claire Lansel), Laurent Stocker (Guillaume Delpierre), Pierre Perrier (Romain Corso), Marilou Aussilloux (Chloé Forrest), Jean-François Sivadier (Mathieu Bowman), Pascal Elbé (Serge Walder), Guillaume Marquet (Christophe Maillard), Juliette Navis (Nadia Ortez), Armelle Abibou (Agathe Polack)
Genre: detective