Hospital IT - vignette

Hospital IT

( Season 1 )
After studying medicine in France, Tanya returns to her country to join the clinic run by her father, professor Diallo. She's shocked to learn that he plans to trial a new method combining conventional medicine and traditional African medicine.

Directed by: Angela Aquereburu, Jean-Luc Rabatel (Togo, season 1, 2017)
Cast: Nastia Hunlede (Tanya), Julio Teko (Idriss), Jérémi Blagogee (le professeur Diallo), Florence Kitcha (Christelle), Aude-Emmanuella Djigbeu (Marie-Ange), Bienvenu Gagalo (Soro), Dicta Mable (Afi)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: Best series (Vues d´Afrique, Montreal 2017), official competition (2017 La Rochelle TV Drama Festival)