Double je

( Season 1 )
Police captain Déa Versini and Jimmy are inseparable: there's no case they can't crack together. But the arrival of the charming Lieutenant Matthieu Delcourt changes everything. Because Jimmy is a rather special partner: he doesn't actually exist, he's Déa's imaginary friend.


Episode 7: Perfect double

When the owner of a toy factory is murdered one man in particular intrigues the investigating team: Xavier Cuenot, a ventriloquist who is never without his puppet. Indeed, all the evidence points towards the disturbing wooden doll...

Directed by: Akim Isker (France, 2019)
Screenplay: Camille Pouzol, Julie-Anna Grignon, Julien Anscutter
Episode 8: Phantom pain

Witness to a murder, Déa's father becomes a target for the killer. As Matthieu takes things in hand, the young woman discovers that her father has been hiding things from her for a long time. She has no choice but to return to her past and confront her greatest torment...

Directed by: Akim Isker (France, 2019)
Screenplay: Camille Pouzol