Capitaine Marleau - vignette

Capitaine Marleau

The investigations of the formidable if eccentric Inspector Marleau, played by the French actress Corinne Masiero. A series directed by Josée Dayan


Deux vies
Two lives

Lætitia is found strangled in the heart of a forest, with neither witness nor obvious motive. Marleau discovers that Lætitia's real name was Pauline and that her family thought her dead for ten years. One man seems to hold the keys to the mystery: Christophe, the deceased's new partner.

Directed by: Josée Dayan (season 2, France, 2018)
Screenplay by: Robin Barataud, Pierre Delorme
Claire obscure
More than a child

At 17, Claire had her whole life ahead of her. Who could have wished her dead? Suspicion quickly falls on her teacher at the agricultural college, charismatic, original but with a seemingly ambiguous relationship with his pupils. More than enough to encourage Marleau to take a close interest in him.

Directed by: Josée Dayan (season 3, France, 2020)
Screenplay by: Marc Eisenchteter, John Mc Nulty