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5e rang

( Season 1 )
The eldest of five sisters and dedicated heir to the family farm, Marie-Luce's world turns upside down on the death of her husband Guy, his body found half-eaten body in the pig pen. A dramatic discovery that perturbs the tranquillity of those closest to him and everyone living in Valmont.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
Cast: Maude Guérin (Marie-Luce), Martine Francke (Marie-Louise), Julie Beauchemin (Marie-Christine), Catherine Renaud (Marie-Jeanne), Ève Duranceau (Marie-Paule), Maxime De Cotret (Réginald), Marie-Ève Milot (Julie), Frédéric Pierre (Nicolas), Julie Roussel (Gladys), Julie Du Page (Sophie), François Papineau (Charles)
Genre: drama


5E RANG -EP010
Episode 10

At the hospital, Monique is worried about Réginald and decides to hide his medication. Francine receives a visit from a bailiff; the battle is far from over between her and Marie-Luce! Réginald is summoned for another interview with Nicolas.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP011
Episode 11

Back from the hospital, Marie-Jeanne, visibly upset, receives a visit from Francine. Meanwhile, Marie-Paule and Marie-Louise have a surprising request for Marie-Luce. The latter is intrigued by an anonymous letter she has received.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP012
Episode 12

Monique is disturbed by the unexpected visit of a social worker. Once again, Marie-Luce and Francine confront one another. Just how far will their quarrel go? The result of the DNA analysis of the skeleton found on the farm is finally revealed.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
5E RANG -EP013
Episode 13

Paul has become prime suspect in the investigation led by Sophie into his ex-wife's accident. The relationship between Fred and Nicolas remains very tense. After having drunk too much, Julie speaks her mind and ends up hurting Clara.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)