5e rang - vignette

5e rang

( Season 1 )
The eldest of five sisters and dedicated heir to the family farm, Marie-Luce's world turns upside down on the death of her husband Guy, his body found half-eaten body in the pig pen. A dramatic discovery that perturbs the tranquillity of those closest to him and everyone living in Valmont.

Directed by: Francis Leclerc (Canada, 2019)
Cast: Maude Guérin (Marie-Luce), Martine Francke (Marie-Louise), Julie Beauchemin (Marie-Christine), Catherine Renaud (Marie-Jeanne), Ève Duranceau (Marie-Paule), Maxime De Cotret (Réginald), Marie-Ève Milot (Julie), Frédéric Pierre (Nicolas), Julie Roussel (Gladys), Julie Du Page (Sophie), François Papineau (Charles)
Genre: drama