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Maghreb-Orient Express

( Season 2019 )
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Sabry Bouzid, Fawzy Al-Aiedy, Stéphanie Baz-Hatem, Zainab Fasiki
26 min
Sabry Bouzid, Fawzy Al-Aiedy, Stéphanie Baz-Hatem, Zainab Fasiki

A Tunisian poet (played by Majd Mastoura) wanders the streets of Paris. Memories of the Tunisian revolution come back to him but he seems to want to escape them. The short film "Charter", directed by Sabry Bouzid, won the Silver Tanit at the recent Carthage Film Festival (JCC 2019). It will be shown on 6 December 2019 in Montreal. "When someone from the Lebanon falls into the sea, they come out with a fish between their teeth". This proverb is inscribed in the book "Liban Debout Malgré Tout" (Lebanon, still standing despite it all), written by Stéphanie Baz-Hatem and published as part of the L'Âme des Peuples (The Soul of the Peoples) collection by Nevicata. A tribute to the resilience of the Lebanese people and a declaration of love to this country of barely 10,000 km², "that is hanging on in its democracy" and whose land "moulded by so many civilisations, has been exploited, mistreated and glorified". At the time of the Sumerians, Ishtar was considered the goddess of love but also, paradoxically, the goddess of war. In his new album "Ishtar Connection", the singer-songwriter Fawzy Al-Aiedy, originally from Iraq, offers the promise of an eastern ceilidh, echoing the events that continue to shake the Arab world, both tragic yet full of hope. 
#Connection Morocco. "Hshouma" means shame in the Moroccan dialect. A word that encompasses all those taboo subjects that should never be mentioned. In her graphic novel, published by Massot, Zainab Fasiki doesn't hesitate to break them to talk about the female body and sexuality. Film report by Maud Ninauve, special correspondent for TV5MONDE in Morocco. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Sabry Bouzid, director of the short film "Charter"; Fawzy Al-Aiedy, singer-songwriter, for the album "Ishtar Connection"; Stéphanie Baz-Hatem, author of "Liban Debout Malgré Tout"; Zainab Fasiki, graphic book author, for "Hshouma, Corps et Sexualité au Maroc".

Presented by: Demet Korkmaz.