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Charles Michel
54 min
Guest: Charles Michel, former Belgian prime minister, new president of the European Council.

On 1 December 2019, Charles Michel officially becomes the president of the European Council for a period of two and a half years, renewable once. The former Belgian prime minister succeeds the Pole, Donald Tusk, who symbolically handed over the keys to the Council headquarters in Brussels to him. For weeks, as president-elect, Charles Michel has travelled the European Union to take the pulse of its capital cities. What are his aims? How will he lead the twenty-eight heads of state and governments of the EU to find the compromises needed, at a time when Europe finds it so hard to speak with a single voice? The president of the European Council has granted his first major interview to "Internationales".

Presented by: Françoise Joly (TV5MONDE), Jean-Pierre Stroobants ("Le Monde"). From the House of European History, Brussels.