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Vous avez la parole

( Season 1 )
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La France confinée
2 hr 30 min
France in lockdown

A special programme dedicated to the coronavirus as France lives to the rhythm of its lockdown. How does the disease spread? Is lockdown effective? What actions to protect the general public? Specialists (epidemiologists, doctors, hospital personnel) together with members of the government, answer the questions raised by the French people.

Guests: Olivier Véran, Christophe Castaner, Bruno Le Maire, Philippe Juvin, Karine Lacombe, Boris Cyrulnik, Gaël Durel, Serge Hefez, Laurent Berger, Thierry Cotillard.

Presented by: Léa Salamé, Thomas Sotto.
With Michel Cymès, Nathalie Saint-Cricq, Guillaume Daret, Brice Teinturier.
Directed by: Jean-Jacques Amsellem (France, 2020)