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Temps présent

( Season 2023 )
"Temps présent" tackles current events broadly speaking. With its in-depth investigations and critical vision, the programme sheds light on the crises and the conflicts of our time, while denouncing the malfunctions of our society.

Presented by: Élisabeth Logean, François Roulet.


Les nouveaux pièges de l'industrie de la nicotine
The new traps laid by the tobacco industry

"Puffs", single use electronic cigarettes in fruit flavours, are getting youngsters hooked on nicotine. It's the latest?ploy rolled out by the tobacco industry to ensure a steady flow of new customers, because where there is nicotine, addiction is never far behind...

Presented by: Jean-Philippe Ceppi.
Terreur dans le train d'Yverdon : histoire d'une prise d'otages