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Objectif Monde L'hebdo

( Season 2020 )
Report, inquiry, investigation ... "Objectif Monde L'Hebdo", a television magazine by French-speaking editorialists, takes time to reflect and analyse through the expert insights and opinions provided by specialists. A TV5MONDE programme, jointly produced with RTS, in collaboration with its francophone partners (RTBF, Radio-Canada, France Télévisions).

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.


Vaccin, la guerre secrète
The secret war for a vaccine

As Pfizer announces a vaccine 90% effective against Covid-19 for the end of 2020, the world begins to hope for a return to normal life. But a vaccine for whom and at what price? 193 candidate vaccines are currently in the starting blocks. A look back at this frenetic race.

Guest: Nathalie Sapena, journalist, author of "Vaccin, la Guerre Secrete".

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.

Born in the USA in 2017, the conspiratorial pro-Trump movement QAnon has now exploded across the internet with thousands of followers around the globe. Often close to the far right, QAnon's adepts no longer hesitate to speak out in public. Who are they? What are they after? Are they dangerous?

Guests: Brigitte Noël, journalist with Radio-Canada, co-author of the documentary report "Qonspirations"; Éric Sadin, philosopher and writer.

Presented by: Dominique Laresche.