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Nous, les Européens

( Season 2022 )
What solutions have the various countries invented to meet the challenges common to all 500 million Europeans? How can we take our inspiration from them? Through reports and articles, the magazine talks about Europe, and in particular the people behind the innovative and inspiring initiatives flourishing throughout the continent.

Presented by: Éléonore Gay.


Norway: a green paradise?

With its dramatic scenery, its fjords and its greenhouse gas emissions below the European average, Norway seems every inch the green paradise. But the country is also Western Europe's largest exporter of oil and gas. When it comes to transport, 80% of the new cars sold in Norway in 2022 were electric, ten times the figure for the European Union. With its cars, buses and ferries, the country is world champion in terms of environmentally-friendly transport.

Presented by: Éléonore Gay.