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Nous, les Européens

( Season 2022 )
What solutions have the various countries invented to meet the challenges common to all 500 million Europeans? How can we take our inspiration from them? Through reports and articles, the magazine talks about Europe, and in particular the people behind the innovative and inspiring initiatives flourishing throughout the continent.

Presented by: Éléonore Gay.


Espagne, le mâle de demain
Spain, the future male

Could Spain be in the process of showing the whole of Europe the way by creating the ideal man, sensitive and a good listener, the opposite of the alpha male? The phenomenon is winning over more and more Spanish men keen to change their behaviour with their wives and children.

Presenter: Éléonore Gay.
Finland: prisons without bars

The Jyväskylä prison was built in the town centre. Here, the fifty or so prisoners have a professional activity, are members of associations, go shopping, cook their meals and enjoy home leave to visit their families. Leave, yes, but under close supervision. The aim: to enable them to have a real life and reintegrate society more easily. In Europe, Finland is a benchmark, one of the countries incarcerating the fewest people, without any increase in crime.

Presented by: Éléonore Gay.