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Nous, les Européens

( Season 2 )
What solutions have the various countries invented to meet the challenges common to all 500 million Europeans? How can we take our inspiration from them? Through reports and articles, the magazine talks about Europe, and in particular the people behind the innovative and inspiring initiatives flourishing throughout the continent.

Presented by: Francis Letellier.


Iceland, champions in terms of equality

According to the World Economic Forum, Iceland is the gender parity world champion. A ranking that analyses gender equality in four fields: politics, economy, education and health. For eleven years, Iceland has been ranked number one, ahead of other Scandinavian countries. What is its recipe? Is the battle definitively won?

Guests: Évelyne Heyer, genetic anthropologist, professor at the French Natural History Museum; Martin Friess, head of collections at the Museum of Mankind.

Presented by: Francis Letellier.
Romania: a wind of change?

Having joined the European Union in 2007, Romania remains little known and poorly understood. Wrongly. In recent years, Romania has become increasingly modernised. A wind of change is blowing through the country with members of its civil society committed to its transformation. Carmen Uscatu and Oana Gheorghiu have become key figures in this concerted effort by Romania's citizens. To compensate for its lack of health facilities, they raise funds to develop projects and support hospitals, when they're not having them built.
For the good of the animals

Animal welfare increasingly preoccupies the French. A proposed new bill will look into cruelty to animals and the possible solutions. Two-thirds of all French also oppose the presence of wild animals in circuses. A report from Germany, with three initiatives to promote animal welfare that are unique in the world.

Guests: Willam Kerwich, director of the Royal Circus; Jacques Guérin, national president of the French Order of Veterinary Surgeons; Patrick Violas, founder of the animal refuge La Tanière.