Wissam Charaf, Taxi 404, Ali Mesbahi
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( Season 2022 )
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Wissam Charaf, Taxi 404, Ali Mesbahi
26 min
Wissam Charaf, Taxi 404, Ali Mesbahi

A love story between Mehdia, an Ethiopian migrant, and Ahmed, Syrian refugee, against a background of discrimination and social crisis in Beirut. Bruised and battered by life, will they finally manage to find freedom, even as Ahmed's body becomes increasingly metallic? "Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous", directed by Wissam Charaf, will be in French cinemas from 26 April 2023.

In the video clip "Sauve-Toi", taken from their début album "Parce Que", Taxi 404 reveals a little-known side of Beirut and its population. The group will be performing at the Café de la Dance, Paris, on 6 May 2023.

Music, literature and visual arts will be in the spotlight at the Sama Festival, Tangier, from 4 to 7 May 2023. On the programme: concerts with Oum, the Mouthallat trio and Léonie Pernet; a literary afternoon tea with readings by Zoé Félix, Karina Testa and Hicham Tahir; a light-hearted exhibition by Johan Baggio and Omar Mahfoudi... A sneak preview of this first edition with Ali Mesbahi.

#As seen by Slimane: Ramadan lights. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Wissam Charaf, journalist and film-director; Aminn and Andy, members of the band Taxi 404 (from Beirut); Ali Mesbahi, founder of the Sama Festival, author of "L'Affaire Dr Jekyll et Mr Hyde, les Fantômes de Tanger" (The Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the Ghosts of Tangier), published by NBE; Slimane Zeghidour, TV5MONDE editorialist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.