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( Season 2021 )
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Spéciale Tunisie avec Nadia Khiari, Alia Sellami, Élisabeth Daldoul...
26 min
Special report on Tunisia with Nadia Khiari, Alia Sellami, Élisabeth Daldoul, Lilia Ben Romdhane, Leila Bezzine, Daly Okby, Ahmed Mzoughi and Selma Jabbès

With Djerba set to host the 18th Francophonie Summit (20-21 November 2021), in late September Tunis hosted the international General Assembly on French Language Books and the World Congress of French-speaking Writers. At a time when the Internet and TV series are changing peoples' habits, Mohamed Kaci sets off to meet Tunisians of all generations with a strong attachment to books.
Who are these enthusiasts? How do we explain the success of the book clubs? Why are young people still keen to write books in French? What inspires them? What are their references?
A travelling programme visiting Tunis and Marsa, in late September 2021.

Guests: Ahmed Mzoughi, driver in Grand Tunis, initiator of the Cultural Taxi project; Élisabeth Daldoul, founder of Elyzad publishers, Émilienne Malfatto, winner of the "first novel" Goncourt award for "Que sur toi se lamente le Tigre"; Nadia Khiari, visual arts teacher, painter and press illustrator, published in "Siné Mensuel" and "Le Monde", author of "Willis from Tunis, 10 ans et toujours vivant !"; Selma Jabbès, manager of the Al Kitab bookshop; Lilia Ben Romdhane, architect, poetess, organiser of the À Petits Pas creative writing club with the association Al Badil; Leila Bezzine, founder of the Medina Book Club; Alia Sellami, soprano; Daly Okby, manager of the Agora in La Marsa.

Presented: Mohamed Kaci. From Tunis and La Marsa.