Sonia Ben Slama, Amin Al Aiedy, Yves Ubelmann, Nacera Belaza
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Maghreb-Orient Express

( Season 2023 )
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Sonia Ben Slama, Amin Al Aiedy, Yves Ubelmann, Nacera Belaza
26 min
Sonia Ben Slama, Amin Al Aiedy, Yves Ubelmann, Nacera Belaza

Fatma and her two daughters work as "machtat", traditional wedding musicians, in Mahdia, between Sousse and Sfax. While the divorced older daughter is looking to remarry to escape her brothers' authority, the youngest wants to get away from her violent husband. "Machtat", by Sonia Ben Slama, is presented at the Franco-Arab Film Festival in Noisy-le-Sec.

"Shams" (sun in Arabic) is the name of Amin Al Aiedy's new album: nine tracks combining jazz and Arab rhythm. The musicians accompanying him were sometimes free to improvise. The track "Snow on Baghdad" refers to the start of the war in Iraq; "Éclipse" is a metaphor for the Arab world. The quartet performs at the Périscope in Lyon, and on stage at the 360 Paris Music Factory, in Paris.

The exhibition "Arménie, le temps du sacré" at the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels, reveals exceptional items alongside contemporary works. An opportunity for the public to discover both an immersive experience and endangered historical sites.

The cultural scene of Algeria and its diaspora is one of the most innovative in the Mediterranean. In literature, the cinema, the visual arts, music and dance... Tales flourish, memories intertwine, and imaginations are given free rein. Nacera Belaza is one of the initiators of Chaillot Expérience #2 at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, where her shows "Sur le fil" and "L'Envol" are presented.

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Guests: Sonia Ben Slama, documentary filmmaker; Amin Al Aiedy, oud player; Yves Ubelmann, architect, joint founder of Iconem; Nacera Belaza, dancer and choreographer.

Presenter: Mohamed Kaci.