Huriya, Ryoko Sekiguchi, Laure d'Hauteville, Mohamad Abdouni
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Maghreb-Orient Express

( Season 2020 )
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Huriya, Ryoko Sekiguchi, Laure d'Hauteville, Mohamad Abdouni
26 min
Huriya, Ryoko Sekiguchi, Laure d'Hauteville, Mohamad Abdouni

"In Paris I feel more Japanese than when I'm in Japan, whereas in Quebec I felt Parisian. But here, it's much more complicated: I am Japanese from France, as an author writing in French, in contact with Lebanese who maintain deep-rooted historical links with France. With them I share the fact of being "oriental" as compared to France." The writer Ryoko Sekiguchi paints the portrait of the Lebanese capital through cooking: the actions and gestures of those who cook, stories recounted by the inhabitants of Beirut, family recipes for kibbeh... Her book "961 Heures à Beyrouth (et 321 plats qui les accompagnent), ("961 hours in Beirut - and 321 dishes to accompany them"), is published by P.O.L.

In Marrakesh in the 1970s, Huriya was designated at birth as being a boy. As soon as she learnt to read she devoured Baudelaire, Beckett and Spinoza. Until the age of 17, she was brought up in a family where her grandmother, a superstitious Berber, and her grandfather, a retired French officer and atheist, detested one another. A tribute to the streets of North Africa, her novel "Entre les Jambes" (Between the Legs), published by Le Nouvel Attila, also shows how hypocrisy and religious conservatism close in on women to the point that certain victims persecute others in turn.

MENART FAIR is the leading international modern and contemporary art fair devoted to artists from the Middle East and North Africa. It was launched by Laure d'Hauteville, also known as the founder of the Beirut Art Fair in Lebanon. For this inaugural edition, open until 30 May 2021 in Paris, she presents a visitor trail as a journey of initiation through a selection of over sixty modern and contemporary artists from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

The photographer Mohamad Abdouni documents LGBT cultures in the Arab world. The journalist Chérine Yazbeck met the artist in Beirut, in the midst of working on his latest creations.

#As seen by Slimane: the geopolitics of museums in the Gulf states, between antiquities and futurism. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Huriya, writer; Ryoko Sekiguchi, writer and translator; Laure d'Hauteville, initiator and organiser of the MENART FAIR; Mohamad Abdouni, photographer; Slimane Zeghidour, TV5MONDE editorialist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.