Driss C. Jaydane, Mouna Anajjar, Rakidd (Rachid Sguini)
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Driss C. Jaydane, Mouna Anajjar, Rakidd (Rachid Sguini)
26 min
Driss C. Jaydane, Mouna Anajjar, Rakidd (Rachid Sguini)

Casablanca, 1975. The king asks all men in good health to walk "to the ends of the desert" to retake the Western Sahara and thus launched the "Green March". A young boy was listening. He lived with his mother but felt different from others and dreamed of a very different march. "Moïse de Casa" (Moses of Casa), published by Les Avrils, is the third novel by Driss C. Jaydane. A story told as through a child's eyes, to forget the shame of growing up without a father in 1970s Morocco.

The ambition of the magazine "I Came for Couscous"? To project the voices and creative minds of the Arab world. Its founder, Mouna Anajjar, seeks to recount stories beyond a purely geographical showcase, putting a spotlight on those exploring the world with creativity and freedom. In the first edition: City journeys: extracts from conversations overheard in the taxis of Marrakesh, Tunis, Cairo, Beirut, Algiers, Dubai...; Carl Gergès, musician and architect, creator of unique moments; Fatima Al Banawi, Saudi actress and storyteller. To come: Salem Alazoak, the Syrian farmer planting organic roses in Lebanon; the impact of Mohamed Ali on the boxers of North Africa; Couscous: red sauce or white sauce, which to choose?

Travelling back to the home village: a hilarious journey! Rakidd (Rachid Sguini) has taken his holiday memories from the 1990s, when his parents and millions of others undertook the long road journey to North Africa via France and Spain, successfully transforming them into words and pictures. His book "Souvenirs du Bled: douce nostalgie de nos vacances, 1990-1999" (Memories of the home village: the gentle nostalgia of our holidays, 1990-1999), published by Lapin, is packed with anecdotes: the Renault 21 Nevada full to overflowing, the air-conditioning of the time, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, the flavour of fizzy drinks...

#As seen by Slimane: Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian. #Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Driss C. Jaydane, writer and philosopher; Mouna Anajjar, founder of the magazine "I Came for Couscous"; Rakidd (Rachid Sguini), author and illustrator; Slimane Zeghidour, TV5MONDE editorialist.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.