Chadia Loueslati, Mohamed Nadif, Laure d'Hauteville, Joseph Khoury
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( Season 2021 )
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Chadia Loueslati, Mohamed Nadif, Laure d'Hauteville, Joseph Khoury
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Chadia Loueslati, Mohamed Nadif, Laure d'Hauteville, Joseph Khoury

The graphic novel "Fumée" (Smoke), published by Marabulles, storyline by Chadia Loueslati and carried by Nina Jacqmin's illustrations, recounts the life of a smoker condemned to death by his tobacco addiction. A story without words, where memories and nightmares become entwined before everything ends by going up in smoke. According to figures published by the WHO in July 2021, tobacco is responsible for over 8 million deaths each year, killing up to half of all those who consume it.

In Morocco, three patients and a nurse in a psychiatric pavilion in Casablanca share their suffering and become friends. Their escapades in town enable them to rediscover their taste for life. After "Andalousie, Mon Amour" (Andalusia, my love), a comedy on the theme of emigration where most of the characters were men, "Les Femmes du Pavillon J" (The women of pavilion J), by Mohamed Nadif, is a women's film on Moroccan society. It will be released in French cinemas on 11 May 2022.

In both times past and present, artists from the Middle East have always known how to become one with the chaos around them to free their creativity. The MENART FAIR (19 to 22 May 2022, at the Cornette auction house in Saint Cyr), founded by Laure d'Hauteville, will this year present works (paintings, sculptures and photographs) from some forty artists, mainly Lebanese but also Syrian, Iraqi and Egyptian. All have confronted a duty of remembrance to keep past events alive in a region where inspiration appears inexhaustible.

We continue our series on the emblematic instruments of the Arab world. In Montreal our correspondent Catherine François had an opportunity to meet Joseph Khoury, who excels in playing the darbouka. This percussion instrument made from fish-skin, is as much a part of oriental music groups as of those in the west.

#Atmosphere with the guests' cultural favourites.

Guests: Chadia Loueslati, illustrator for young adults and author of graphic novels; Mohamed Nadif, film-director; Laure d'Hauteville, founder of the MENART FAIR.

Presented by: Mohamed Kaci.