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Le dessous des cartes

( Season 2020 )
International relations analysed using geography maps, which are vital to understanding the world in which we live and the challenges it presents.

Presented by: Émilie Aubry.


Mozambique, the cursed Eldorado

With a strategic coastline measuring over 2,000 km and important natural resources, Mozambique is a veritable Eldorado. Except that the jihadist insurgency currently suffered by this former Portuguese colony is compromising any chance of development and the major powers are also interfering, in order to protect their gas investments.

Presented by: Émilie Aubry.
Antarctic, all eyes on the ice

The Antarctic, an immaculate continent populated by penguins and seals where untold treasures lie underground... Theoretically, only scientists are authorised to land on this territory that belongs to no specific country. But until when? Chinese and Russian appetites, rising tourist numbers, the ice of the Antarctic is becoming increasingly sought-after.

Presented by: Émilie Aubry.