L'INVITE TV5MONDE - 24/05/23
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( Season 2023 )
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Catherine Kathungu Furaha, Baloji, Marc Zinga
8 min
Guests: Catherine Kathungu Furaha, Baloji, Marc Zinga.

Catherine Kathungu Furaha, the DRC minister of culture, arts and heritage, is in Cannes to support the Belgian-Congolese film "Augure", selected for the official competition. The director, Baloji, Belgian rapper with Congolese roots, immerses us in the heart of Kinshasa and witchcraft, vibrant with flamboyant colour and music, carried by the performance of actor Marc Zing, himself born in the DRC and whose "James Bond" role made him an international star.

Presented by: Patrick Simonin.