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Et si... vous me disiez toute la vérité

( Season 2020 )
Denise Epoté speaks with African newsworthy figures from the political, economic and cultural spheres of this quickly evolving continent.

Presentation: Denise Époté


Guest: Carlos Lopes.

Despite its potential and growth rate, there's still no sign of the continent's long-awaited economic boom. Is there a need to reform its political systems and rethink public policies? In "L'Afrique est l'Avenir du Monde, Repenser le Développement" (published by Seuil), Carlos Lopes, former executive secretary of the ECA, replies.

Presented by: Denise Époté.
Guest: Dady de Maximo Mwicira-Mitali.

In 1994, year of the genocide in Rwanda, 12 year-old Dady de Maximo Mwicira-Mitali saw his world collapse around him. Faced with man's repeated cruelty (in 1953, 1973 and 1994), his questions remain unanswered. The artist's latest book "Rwanda, un Deuil Impossible, Effacement et Traces" is published by Florence Prudhomme.

Presented by: Denise Époté.