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Réparer les coeurs
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Repairing hearts

January 2021. A wind of hope blows through Burkina Faso as it prepares to experience a turning-point in its medical history. There is an unusual bustle in the corridors of the Tengandogo university hospital. Here, in seventy-two hours time, the first open-heart operation will be carried out. A veritable exploit for the fourteenth poorest country in the world. Each year in Burkina Faso, 7,000 children are born with a heart defect. Given the lack of means to treat them, they have little chance of survival. Thanks to the help of the French NGO La Chaîne de l'Espoir, five children are about to receive surgery.
There's 5 year-old Isaac, with a hole in his heart. In his everyday life, this intrepid little boy isn't allowed to play with his friends because his heart rapidly begins to beat far too fast. Zalissa, 15 years, has been ill since childhood. Her heart could simply stop beating at any moment, it's become urgent for it to be repaired. And then there's Dr Adama Sawadogo, who has made the whole thing possible. The surgeon from Burkina Faso, son of farmers, refused to abandon his dream and has succeeded where others before him failed: to carry out heart surgery in his own country. The hospital still lacks means but the team is driven by an unfailing determination. For this medical first, will everything go according to plan? There is no such thing as zero risk. The surgeons hold the destinies of their young patients in their hands.
A gripping immersion in the heart of the Ouagadougou university hospital, as the first open-heart operations are carried out on children suffering from serious heart disease.

A report by Karine Henry, Pascal Stelletta, Olivier Marchi.
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