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Au bout de l'enquête, la fin du crime parfait ?

( Season 2021 )
They are all cases that were closed, considered unsolvable, sometimes resisting police efforts for decades until a forgotten clue, an unhoped-for witness or a forensic innovation finally made it possible to unmask the culprit. Alongside Marie Drucker, the criminologist Alain Bauer explains the technical, psychological, sociological or historical elements involved.

Presented by: Marie Drucker.


L'affaire Katell Berrehouc
The Katell Berrehouc case

13 May 1995, Auvers-sur-Oise. 19 year-old Katell Berrehouc is found strangled on her parents' bed. The police favour the idea that the family was involved, but get nowhere. Then samples are taken from the town's population. Another dead-end. In 2017, scientific progress finally makes it possible to identify a suspect...

Presented by: Marie Drucker.
L'affaire Stéphane Dieterich
The Stéphane Dieterich case

5 July 1994. The body of a student, Stéphane Dieterich, is found in woods near Belfort. The police have plenty of leads: best friend, fairground, serial killer... but the investigation grinds to a halt. The family refuses to give up. Twenty-one years after the murder, the investigations finally bear fruit.

Presented by: Marie Drucker.