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7 jours sur la planète

( Season 2020 )
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RDC/Algérie/Nouvelle-Calédonie/Bilan Trump/Allemagne/Joséphine Baker
27 min
Programme summary:

- Democratic Republic of Congo, sexual abuse against the background of the Ebola crisis
- Algeria, new momentum for the Hirak?
- New Caledonia, "no" wins the independence referendum
- United States, Donald Trump's status a month before the presidential election
- Germany, when pupils learn happiness in school
- 95 years ago, France discovered Josephine Baker

Guest: François Durpaire, senior lecturer, joint founder of the BONHEURS laboratory (Well-being, Organisation, Digital, Habitability, Education, Universality, Relationships, Knowledge) at the Cergy-Pontoise University, director of the collective work "Histoire Mondiale du Bonheur" (Global History of Happiness).

Presented by: Valérie Tibet