CAN/Russie-Ukraine/JO/Ottawa/Abdelkader/Internet/Petit Prince
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7 jours sur la planète

( Season 2021 )
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CAN/Russie-Ukraine/JO/Ottawa/Abdelkader/Internet/Petit Prince
27 min
Programme summary:

- Football, Senegal wins the Africa Cup of Nations
- European diplomacy, marathon by French president Emmanuel Macron for a de-escalation between Russia and Ukraine
- Olympic games and geopolitics, the Chinese example
- Canada, state of emergency in Ottawa
- France, the statue of the Algerian Emir Abdelkader vandalised
- Safer Internet Day: the world of the metaverse in question
- The original French manuscript of "The Little Prince", by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, flown from New York for an exhibition in Paris

Guest: Réda Aboutika, chief analyst with the online brokers XTB.

Presented by: Valérie Tibet.