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4 villages, 1 pays

( Season 1 )
We explore the everyday life of four municipalities in the four linguistic regions of Switzerland through that of some of their most emblematic villagers. How does each day unfold in Onnens (Vaud), Luthern (Lucerne), Vira Gambarogno (Ticino) and Salouf (Grisons)? What are their similarities, their differences?


The elders

We pay tribute to the elders, soul of their villages. Michel Kunz runs an art gallery in Onnens. Hedy Purtschert teaches gymnastics in Luthern. Margarita Demarmels photographs village life in the Grisons. 92 year-old Edgardo Ratti organises an annual sculpture exhibition in Ticino. He unfortunately passed away in July 2018.

Directed by: Patrick Léger (Switzerland, 2018)