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Stay safe, stay at home is the message around the world. If you'd like to learn or improve your French during this time then TV5MONDE have tons of free resources to offer. Or if you are a French teacher and have always wanted to find out more on what we offer, now is the time. Plus discover our dedicated sites for news, Africa and travel. 


The Website 

Our learning French site is a free and interactive website for learning French from videos, programmes and news reports. Choose from more than 2,000 online exercises and improve your oral comprehension in French, from beginner to advanced level. The site menu can be in English or French as you prefer.

The App

We have the brand spanking new TV5MONDE Learning French App as seen above.  The App is free and available on iOS and Android and contains over 3,000 exercises for all levels. Download here; 



See our webinar (with English ST) talking all about the App below 


Sample Exercises 

Beginners (A1 Threshold) – Exercises, cultural information and help with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation to get you started in French. Don't forget to switch languages to activate the translation in your language! Try Greetings, Hobbies, Housing, Meals, Work and much more

Watch the video to learn vocabulary about a family then select the correct answers

Full selection for beginners here


Vocabulaire: la famille


Lower Intermediate (A2 Waystage) – Learn how to order in restaurants and what the favourite French national sandwich is!?

Plus, if you like learning via food videos, then take a look at these interactive learning recipes here

Full collection of intermediate exercises here


Le jambon-beurre


Upper Intermediate (B1 Threshold) - When you understand the essence of TV broadcasts then you are considered at B1 level. 

Take a look at this video and exercises examining new trends in the world of style and fashion, reading an issue of Elle along the way…


Zoom sur les nouvelles tendances



Advanced (B2 Vantage)  - When you understand in detail news reports and fast-paced interviews

Our spotlight for advanced speakers is our news programme 7 jours sur la planète (shown live on the channel Saturday mornings then online for 14 days) offering TV news reports to understand current world events in French. Each report comes with a learning pack and is updated weekly.

Take a look at the exercises here or watch the latest edition of 7 jours sur la planete here


7 jours sur la planète


For literature lovers (Advanced) - Discover the TV5MONDE Bibliothèque numérique which offers FREE access to over 570 classic works of French literature. Search by Author, Genre or era! Dive into the worlds and tales of Maupassant, Baudelaire and the Comtesse de Ségur and many more legends of literature.


FOR TEACHERS is our free site to assist Teachers in preparing your French as a foreign language (FLE) course / class. All levels, all free, no subscription required.

Sample exercises: 

What is music? What is emotion? What is a compliment? - A video and an activity sheet for the class (teenagers, level B1, intermediate)


la vie c'est quoi


French expressions on the human body with @MissZonk - A folder of fun activities for the whole family!


le corps


École à la maison - Get to know a character and discover his world while having fun. An activity exercise for 6-7 year olds.


C'est simon



For news around the French-speaking world we have of course the news reports on TV5MONDE daily; le Journal de TV5MONDE, le journal de France 2, le journal de la RTS, TV5MONDE le journal Afrique, le journal de la RTBF and much more but did you also know we have a dedicated site just for news? has bulletins, live updates, past video newscasts and a vast amount more. Keep up with the French speaking world news easily here.



TV5MONDE Afrique

100% Afrique, 100% mobile

Did you know TV5MONDE was one of the leading most watched channels in Africa? And that it is seen as the no.1 source of news for the continent?

Aimed at the African continent, and all those passionate about Africa, TV5MONDE has a FREE digital Africa portal and TV content offer online plus via Android and iOS application. Find all the African news from TV5MONDE (Africa Newspaper, etc.) and all your favourite African programmes – series (Parents mode d’emploi, les bobodiouf, etc.) films, documentaries and magazines (Afrique Presse, Africanités, etc..) and much more.



And finally, if you’d like to do some armchair travelling have a look at our travel site, with images, videos, blogs, information and travel guides to exotic and far flung places around the world in addition to discovering Paris green spaces and more.

Discover Kruger National park in South Africa -

And the green spaces of Paris -