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( Season 9 )
Passionate about French chic, ambassadress Katherina Marx surrounds herself with major figures from the worlds of fashion, design, gastronomy, and fine living. Each episode features an iconic guest and a series of special reports, allowing viewers to discover or rediscover France, its young designers, and its chic and trendy hang-outs.

Presented by: Katherina Marx.


Musée Léon-Dierx/Vanessa Seward/Christopher Kane/Rustha Luna Pozzi-Escot
Bezoek aan het Léon-Dierxmuseum op La Réunion. Het is maar een kleine stap van de grote couturehuizen naar de Parijse kunstgalerijen, ontmoeting met Vanessa Seward. De biowetenschappen en de mode ontmoeten elkaar in de stukken van ontwerper Christopher Kane. De beeldend kunstenares Rustha Luna Pozzi-Escot verandert textiel in hypnotiserende kunstwerken.

Presentatie: Katherina Marx.
The Museum of the Art and History of Judaism displays its cultural and religious treasures. Maxime Bellaunay works stone and metal with all his cabinet-maker's skills. Dries Van Noten imposes an anticonformist collection, highlighting the struggles of today's youth. With Atelier Baroni, paper brings both light and lightness of touch.

Presented by: Katherina Marx.