Tendance XXI - vignette

Tendance XXI

( Season 6 )
French creativity is booming in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty and gastronomy. 'Tendance XXI' showcases a know-how that evolves in tune with the times, sometimes even anticipating them.

Commentary: Viviane Blassel.


Fashion special

This 2020 fashion special is unlike any other. Due to the global pandemic, haute couture was forced to totally change its habits and move almost entirely online. A look at the professions that gravitate around the traditional Parisian runway shows. Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, EGONlab, Casablanca: men's fashion maintains its creativity.

Commentary by: Viviane Blassel.
A spotlight on Inédit; high-end jeweller in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. All about the crinoline: that vast hooped petticoat so essential to 19th century fashion. Between traditional art and creativity, a focus on Nelly Saunier, feather artist. How to wear balloon sleeves. Diane Ducasse, designing women's fashion inspired by the male wardrobe.

Commentary by: Viviane Blassel.