Sam Mangwana, Lass, Delgres

Platine Africa

( Season 1 )
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Sam Mangwana, Lass, Delgres
1 hr 30 min
Sam Mangwana, Lass, Delgres

He is a legend of Congolese rumba! The tremendous Sam Mangwana, 76 years old, will be with us delighting the audience at the Studio de l'Ermitage. Lass, from Senegal, will bring us innovative hybrid music. Creole music will also be in the spotlight with the trio Delgres.
On video, we will head to Burkina Faso with Kandy Guira, Cameroon with Kareyce Fotso and Senegal with rap group Daara J.

Presented by: Sandra Nkaké.