Mon plat préféré - vignette

Mon plat préféré

( Season 2019 )
The kitchen is a place where people laugh, eat, take decisions and share their thoughts. Jean-Luc Daniel meets celebrities who discuss their favourite dish and the treasured sensations, smells and memories they associate with it. The chef then sets about cooking this dish.

Presented by: Jean-Luc Daniel.


Guillermo Guiz

"Caccio e Pepe", a pasta sauce made with pecorino cheese and pepper, is a favourite dish for the humorist Guillermo Guiz. At the counter of the Bulthaup kitchen, accompanied by the restaurant chef Philippe, Guillermo discuses his recent decision to become a vegetarian, a philosophical choice...

Presented by: Jean-Luc Daniel.
Jean-Michel Saive

Moambe chicken isn't just Jean-Michel Saive's favourite dish; it's his good luck charm! A family recipe that the famous table tennis player savours on the eve of all his major competitions... But before tasting it, there's a busy day ahead!

Presented by: Jean-Luc Daniel.