Le goût des rencontres normandes - vignette

Le goût des rencontres normandes

( Season 2021 )
"Encounters with Flavour" drops its bags in Normandy, ready to paint a tasteful portrait of the local people through their terroir, cuisine and culinary traditions.

Presented by: David Gallienne.


Mullet en papillotte in Le Havre

David Gallienne has an appointment in Le Havre with Jibril. In 2019, this local lad from Le Havre took on a seemingly impossible challenge: transforming a rubbish-covered wasteland into a city farm. David discovers the extent of the work accomplished. On the day's menu: mullet en papillotte.

Presented by: David Gallienne.
Goat cheese lasagne in Sasseville

David has a rendezvous at Le Vieux Manoir, a goat farm in Sasseville, Seine-Maritime. Just for a day, Babeth invites him to meet her herd of Alpine goats, and give her a hand with the milking and then processing the milk collected. On the menu: goat cheese lasagne.

Presented by: David Gallienne
Auge Valley chicken with yuzu in La Hoguette

Falaise. At the foot of William the Conqueror's castle David joins Annie and Pascal, who invite him to discover their farm and its speciality: plants, fruit trees and herbs from around the world. Amongst them: yuzu, a small citrus fruit from Japan, that will flavour the dish of the day.

Presented by: David Gallienne.