La belle vie avec Go-Van - vignette

La belle vie avec Go-Van

( Season 1 )
Aboard his campervan, Julien travels across Canada in search of those who live a full life, whilst possessing little. The stories of individuals, couples, families and communities who made the deliberate choice to live differently. Nomad or sedentary, they have all opted for an alternative way of life.


La vie dans une mini-maison
Living in a tiny house

Julien arrives in Nova Scotia and explores living in a tiny house. We discover the practical side of building in the city in the company of a resourceful young woman, then join a couple of surfers who have adopted the life-style part-time with their tiny chalet at the seaside.

Presented by: Julien Roussin-Côté.
La vie en communauté
Living in a community

The salty air of the Maritimes transports Julien all the way to Snow Lake Keep where he gets to meet seven quite exceptional individuals. Extolling the virtues of sharing and self-sufficiency, they live together in a vast forest, in houses they all built themselves.

Presented by: Julien Roussin-Côté.