( Season 2024 )
The place to be for all those who are interested in what they put on their plates and all things relating to food. The programme: reports, surveys, taste tests, test benches, answers to questions from television viewers, including advice and simple but effective tricks.

Presented by: Johane Despins, Myriam Fehmiu.


Le pain tranché d'allure santé
Healthy-looking sliced bread

The Épicerie team put 80 so-called "healthy" breads under the microscope; getting up to speed on "difficult" children; ice fishing and climate change; suvalik and nikkuk, two Inuit culinary traditions.

Presented by: Johane Despins, Myriam Fehmiu.
How not to fall for green-washing

The ever-increasing numbers of claims about being green, more or less scientifically-based, printed on packaging do little to help customers make better choices. Also on the programme: chocolate-flavoured protein drinks; an online farmers' market; Mexican and Colombian-style tamales.

Presented by: Johane Despins, Myriam Fehmiu.