Jardins et loisirs - generique

Jardins et loisirs

( Season 2021 )
Luc Noël passes on his passion for gardening and offers practical advice for cultivating, improving and decorating gardens. Floral compositions, visits to private gardens, the rhythm of the seasons and the various topics of this programme are enjoyable and useful to all.

Presented by: Luc Noël.


En Val de Loire, l'arboretum des Grandes Bruyères
In the Loire Valley, the Grandes Bruyères arboretum

In the heart of the Orléans forest, a 14-hectare park that takes you on a journey from China to the USA with its impressive collection of trees and shrubs. Maintained without pesticides for over fifty years, the park is home to birds and insects, along with magnolias, heathers, dogwoods, roses...

Presented by: Luc Noël.
Chez Corinne, le plaisir d'embellir le jardin
Corinne's garden, enhancing for even more beauty

Wherever you are in Corinne's garden, there's plenty to admire, from colourful flowers to the shape of a shrub pruned for transparency. Recently she has spent months working on a major new project: a pond and terrace, planted with a host of herbaceous perennials.

Presented by: Luc Noël.
Le Carishof, le jardin aux milliers de bulbes
Le Carishof, a garden with thousands of bulbs

Near Maastricht, Netherlands, what was once a small farm now celebrates spring with thousands of daffodils and tulips. By carefully choosing each variety according to its flowering period, Hans, Henk and Matthijs can be certain of enjoying the delicate combination of colours until May, when the herbaceous perennials take over.

Presented by: Luc Noël.