Jardins et loisirs - vignette

Jardins et loisirs

( Season 2020 )
Luc Noël passes on his passion for gardening and offers practical advice for cultivating, improving and decorating gardens. Floral compositions, visits to private gardens, the rhythm of the seasons and the various topics of this programme are enjoyable and useful to all.

Hosted by: Luc Noël.


The Martins' strawberries

In Soumagne, Daniel keeps a family tradition alive. His grandparents, the Martins, grew strawberries and sold their harvests in the local markets. The ancient varieties they grew are still available and Daniel proposes them during plant festivals, along with a wide range of other cultivars.

Presenter: Luc Noël.
The Aquascope de Virelles

Whether you're planting a native hedge, digging a pond, managing a flower meadow or choosing regional fruit tree varieties, gardeners seeking inspiration will find plenty of ideas at the Aquascope de Virelles, around an 80-hectare lake where wildlife is protected.

Presenter: Luc Noël.