Epicerie Fine, terroir gourmand - vignette

Épicerie fine, terroirs gourmands

( Season 8 )

Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin presents iconic products associated with France and provides an overview of the experts who work with them. An encounter with passionate food lovers without whom French cuisine would not be what it is today.

Presented by: Guy Martin.


Tête de Moine and fera in the Jura and the Trois-Lacs area, Switzerland

In the Jura and the Three-Lakes region of Switzerland, Franz and Suzanne von Büren are totally passionate about the Tête de Moine PDO they make; a cheese traditionally served in rosettes rather than slices. Jean-Philippe and Marie-Laure Arm, on the other hand, fish for fera, a typical Neuchâtel lake fish.

Presented by: Guy Martin.

Aubagne capers and Brousse du Rove

At Cuges-les-Pins, near Aubagne in southern France, Luc Falco produces a cheese that is particularly appreciated by local consumers: Brousse du Rove. Whereas Yves Cornille is an enthusiastic caper-grower. This condiment is produced from the flower buds of the caper bush, a shrub now very rare in the region.

Presented by: Guy Martin.