Épicerie fine, terroirs gourmands - vignette

Épicerie fine

( Season 2023 )
A journey of discovery for novice and gourmet cooks alike through the flagship products of French cuisine, guided by Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin.


Le Pays de Montbéliard
The Montbéliard region

We meet Nicolas Bucher, farmer raising Montbéliarde cows, and Nathalie Vernerey, head market-gardener at Les Jardins d'Idées. All about phytomanagement at Le Living Lab in Vieux-Charmont, with Michel Chalot, university professor and environmental biologist. Plus "Pas Si Bêtes", with Thibaut Seguin, activity leader at La Damassine.

Presented by: Guy Martin.
Graves and Sauternes: vineyards and more

Vincent Labergère produces Sauternes wines; Émilie and Michel Dudon raise free-range poultry. In the company of Adrien Billotte and Pierre Cante, we discover all about marking and mapping techniques in the fight against "Flavescence Dorée".

Presented by: Guy Martin.
The Boulonnais

Romain Boulet breeds Boulonnais sheep; Loïc Cheuva is the director of the Atelier Cré'Actif, an association that runs the Enquin-sur-Baillons watercress farm. A trip into the heart of a wetland with the nature guide Caroline Géneau and exploring Cap Blanc-Nez, in the company of Martha Coquet, activity leader with Eden62.

Presented by: Guy Martin.