Épicerie fine, terroirs gourmands - vignette

Épicerie fine

( Season 2021 )
A journey through the French regions and terroirs, presented by the chef Guy Martin, to meet those who work the land but also those who protect it.

Presented by: Guy Martin.


Le Beauvaisis
The Beauvaisis

In the Beauvaisis, Anselme Beaudoin shares his passion for cheesemaking at the Gaec de la Chapelle-Saint-Jean. At the Ferme du Chassy, Laurent Cnudde discusses organic market gardening and cereal-growing. Damien Top invites us for an immersive visit to the Conservatoire d'Espaces Naturels des Hauts-de-France and reveals the fascinating Bresles watercress.

Presented by: Guy Martin.
Le Vercors
The Vercors

Between Isère and Drôme, in the heart of the Vercors, we meet Franck Repellin, beekeeper. At the Reines des Prés farm, Aurélie Blanc and Francis Buisson present an unusual henhouse that is autonomous in energy. An in-depth look at the AOC Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage cheese and the black grouse.

Presented by: Guy Martin.
Le Pays d'Othe et d'Armance
The Pays d'Othe et d'Armance

The Aube, at the Ferme de l'Ancre where Nathan Cholet grows wheat and produces sunflower oil. Christophe Duminil shows that apples know no limits. With Mathieu Hugo we discover the incredible woodland biodiversity of the Pays d'Othe et d'Armance. Finally, the Chaource AOP cheese and its history rich in flavour.

Presented by: Guy Martin.