Édition archives - HEAD

An opportunity to delve into the RTS archives, appropriating them to create original works was the project proposed by the cinema department of the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). The result: films built around the theme of struggle, created by students specialising in film editing.


Blue Devil Blues
Blue Devil Blues

As seen through the eyes of the American writer James Baldwin, we share a journey through the New York of the period 1950-1960, home to some of the greatest bluesmen and jazz musicians such as Memphis Slim and Lou Bennett.

Directed and edited by: Rayan Abdelrahman (Switzerland, 2021)
Voice: James Baldwin
Dans le vide du monde
In the emptiness of the world

At the dawn of the seventies, Swiss youngsters search for somewhere to get together and for meaning in a life that seems to them to be increasingly pernicious. From bitter anguish to the emergence of political thought, their voices clamour for the same ideal: independence.

Directed and edited by: Antoine Flahaut (Switzerland, 2021)
Hé ! Madmoizelle
Hey! Miss

The film tackles the subject of street harassment and the way men look at women. The mix of archive footage from different periods portrays the timelessness of the problem.

Directed and edited by: Georges Angèle Boucard (Switzerland, 2021)
Enfants de Léthé
Children of Léthé

A virus spreads at incredible speed. Once it reaches the cerebral cortex it progressively erases the memory, nothing can stop it. Centres collect everyone's memories, storing them in order to create an artificial, collective and universal memory. The struggle against oblivion and for the preservation of humanity becomes the new reason for living.

Directed and edited by: Camille Uliana (Switzerland, 2021)