Ding dong : montre-moi ta maison !

( Season 3 )
In each village or district in Switzerland, there are homes that raise questions or stand out from the ordinary. Who lives there and why? Join us as we dispel gossip and rumours by simply ringing the doorbell.

Presented by: Viola Tami.


Chez Ferrari-Joe et la maison troglodyte
At home with Ferrari-Joe and in a troglodyte house

With discover the world of Ferrari-Joe, professional butcher and total fan of the famous Italian car-maker. Then we head to the heights to visit the troglodyte home of Brenno Vescovi and his wife.

Presented by: Viola Tami.
The washhouse, the photographer's house and an island in the lake

A visit to a washhouse conversion and the loft apartment of a former photographer with a passion for art. Then Viola and team spend a night in a tent, on an island in the middle of Lake Zurich, after meeting a family who live there six months of the year.

Presented by: Viola Tami.